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  • george said More
    So first we had the druids along came the catholics then the protestants now we await islam 6 days ago
  • Randy said More
    "Hold Meet the Candidates meetings for the Council and Catholic School Board."

    This... 1 week ago
  • superskeptic007 said More
    I prefer the term 'dying with dignity' which is really what it's all about. 1 week ago
  • CobourgJD said More
    I blame the caption on the original which said it was Ethiopia. But it illustrates what is done. 1 week ago

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Christians see Islam as being at war with them but it’s really at war with anyone who is not a Muslim.  It’s clear in IRAQ where the Islamic State or Caliphate (also called ISIS) explicitly says you must convert or die but in the rest of the world, many Muslims are doing what Christians did a couple of centuries ago – trying to convert the world to their belief – by force if necessary.  Christians are the most obvious targets of Muslims because they are the majority and Islam’s first target appears to be Europe.  But  being the majority, Christians have access to more people and money to fight the war. Their first step is to convince politicians that there is a war and in a democracy, that means convince the people.  One way to convince is to make a documentary film;  they have done that and “Last Stand in Europe” will premiere September 24, 2014.

The film is described  by its producers:

Europe’s Last Stand is a shocking and graphic documentary by an American film company that that examines the Islamic invasion of Western Europe and its threat to European democracy, freedoms, culture and history.

A continent that once gave birth to the greatest advances in world civilization is now on the verge of being extinguished by an unrivaled foe of religious zealots who are on a quest to establish an Islamic Caliphate across the European continent.

The film is presented in five parts, revealing each of the Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest:

  1. Infiltration.
  2. Imams.
  3. Isolation.
  4. Islamization.
  5. Implosion.

Europe’s Last Stand is an epic film about the heroes and villains, the champions and quitters, the bold and the weak in this life-and-death struggle for the heart and soul of Western Europe.

More than four years in the making — and with more than a dozen European countries visited and investigated — Europe’s Last Stand is the most authoritative film ever produced documenting the rise of Islam in Western Europe.

Violence …Protests … Arrests … they are all joined together with scores of eyewitness and expert testimonies from politicians, activists, business owners and everyday citizens to tell the story of Europe’s Last Stand.

Here is the trailer:

It has been produced by Christians with the implication that the Christian religion is better whereas in fact, it’s simply 150 years further down the path of interpreting their religion to be more in line with secular (non-religious) thinking.  Some Muslims have already gone down that path – notably Calgary Imam Syed Soharwardy, founder of Muslims Against Terrorism and the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, who is staging a hunger strike to draw attention to the actions of ISIS whose violent activities show they are “not Muslims”.   He really means “they don’t interpret the Qur’an the way I do” but nevertheless, he’s on the right track.