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    So first we had the druids along came the catholics then the protestants now we await islam 6 days ago
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    "Hold Meet the Candidates meetings for the Council and Catholic School Board."

    This... 1 week ago
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    I prefer the term 'dying with dignity' which is really what it's all about. 1 week ago
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    I blame the caption on the original which said it was Ethiopia. But it illustrates what is done. 1 week ago

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Young Muslim men in Australia and other countries are being recruited to fight for their religion. Many go to Iraq and Syria where they commit atrocities and join in on the barbarity encouraged by the Islamic literalists. That is, these Muslims believe the literal words they find in the Qur'an which moderate Muslims ignore or interpret to be harmless. Belief is a powerful thing - it has inspired most of the wars over the millennia and continues to inspire riots, atrocities, murders, maltreatment of women and more. If these men return from the middle East they will still have the same beliefs (or worse) when they return home. It is therefore natural to be concerned that they will attempt to continue the violence and barbarity in their home countries. The numbers are small; about 150 Australians are reported to be in this category - of violent Muslims returning home. (Time). But then there were only a handful involved in 9/11.

So most Australians would be pleased that their Prime Minister is doing something about them. A couple of weeks ago, Tony Abbott announced that Australia's spy and counter-terror agencies will receive a $600 million funding boost to fight the threat of home-grown terrorism. Included are:

  • Stronger powers for authorities to detain and question jihadists who have fought alongside terrorists overseas in countries like Syria and Iraq;
  • Lowering the threshold for police wanting to arrest suspected terrorists without a warrant;
  • It will be an offence to travel to designated countries where terrorists are actively operating unless there is a "legitimate purpose".

At a later date:

  • Store the phone and internet records of everyday Australians
  • Give the foreign minister the power to suspend the passports of people ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) suspects of planning to fight alongside terrorists or returning home from combat.

Tony-abbott400Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the measures were needed because "hardened home-grown terrorists" who had been radicalised overseas may use their skills to carry out an attack in Australia.


So can you guess what Muslims have now said in a statement? No surprise.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Muslim leaders across Australia have denounced as unjust, unjustified and hypocritical proposed new counter-terrorism laws and they have refused to "rubber-stamp" them for the government.

In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon [August 20, 2014], more than 60 individuals and organisations, including 10 sheikhs, said that the threat from the ostensible target of the laws - about 150 "radicalised" Muslims returning from Iraq or Syria - had been "trumped up".

"There is no solid evidence to substantiate this threat. Rather, racist caricatures of Muslims as backwards, prone to violence and inherently problematic are being exploited," the statement reads.

"It is instructive that similar issues about Australian troops travelling abroad to fight or Jews travelling to train or fight with the Israeli Defence Force are simply never raised."

They don't seem to realise just how stupid these statements are.

What is needed is for leaders in other countries to do the same. But wimpy Obama won't and Harper is too scared of the Muslim lobby. Cameron in the U.K. is still trying to defend Islam as being not the problem. No-one is saying it is - it's no different to Christians who have a genocidal God in their bible. The difference is that too many Muslims have not yet grown up and learned to be selective about what they believe. I blame their imams (holy men!). And the Internet makes it possible for imams in the Middle East to influence gullible young men in Australia. The option used by the Chinese of selectively barring access from outside the country starts to look attractive except that it contravenes other hard earned freedoms. So, short of that, Tony Abbott is right and Australian Muslim leaders should wake up.